This campaign, shot for Annex 88, was about finding that unique, perfect item for your home on Etsy. I loved that it combined still life, portrait, and lifestyle, with all the creative considerations that go with them. 

For example, it was essential that the wardrobe and props be quick reads but also display a high sense of style, reflecting that distinctive Etsy customer. I worked with Morgan Gibbons for wardrobe and Meghan Duran for props, both of whom immediately got the creative visions I wanted to portray for each character. 

I used Cast Partner to find our amazing talent—their versatility and expressions were key to the success of this campaign. In directing them, I focused on expressions that seemed innate to their personalities and guided them through a series of narratives until we had a wide range of takes for our various gifs. All three of them nailed the reactions perfectly by showing obvious emotion without being over the top. 

We created realistic, home-like spaces on set that would fit into our narrow crops yet not feel crowded, which was the biggest challenge of the project. Lastly, we crafted the lighting to bring cohesion to the campaign. 

B Collins and his team from Annex 88 were wonderful collaborators, and I hope to shoot more with them again soon!