Katy Schlemmer’s deliriously original short videos spring from an overactive imagination fed by a swirl of influences: extreme sports, bold colors, beach culture, video games, Disney, the ’90s, music, art… But most of all: the pursuit of happiness. “Life’s too short to focus on anything but joy,” she says. A digital creator and director who’s been conceptualizing and making content since her days as a tween competitive skateboarder in Southern California, Katy bends a variety of mediums, including stop motion, collage, photography, and VFX, to her will, giving her creations a vibrant, nostalgia-fueled spin. She has dreamt up “snackable” content for brands like Skittles, Disney, Doritos, and Nike; celebrities such as Alicia Keys, Will Smith, Jay Shetty, and Martin Lawrence; and the world’s biggest music festivals. One of four global creators handpicked by Honda for a 2022 campaign, she pitched three short-form videos and oversaw every step of the execution, from location scouting to talent and styling. 

Katy polished her craft the old-fashioned way: by working very, very hard and never settling for so-so or ho-hum. She got her start shooting and editing event videos for Los Angeles skate/tattoo shop Kingswell Los Feliz; went on to work as a video editor for a website company, editing 90-second mini-documentaries for clients like Cinnabon, Pepsi, and Compass; and eventually became lead content producer for Blenders Eyewear, shooting projects for Westbrook (Will Smith’s agency) on her days off. In 2020, she fully embraced her inner “short-form queen” and went solo. Now, in addition to collaborating with brands, she has the time to work on projects of her own, including an IRL video game series that will bring the old DS game “Nintendogs” to life with her own dog. “I like making stuff that provokes thought or makes you go ‘How’d you do that?,” says Katy. “I never want to create something that everyone else can.” Did we mention she hasn’t even hit 30 yet?


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