Away reached out to João to create a library of lifestyle and product images featuring new products. The shoot spanned two days in New Mexico and New York and three days in Mallorca, Spain.

New Mexico and New York were seamless, but challenges arose in Mallorca. What was originally meant to be a stills shoot alongside motion pivoted at the last minute to a stills-only shoot as time and resources were limited. João and his team quickly shifted their approach, and not only made it work but made space to capture 100+ unique assets for Away’s image library.

“I did a lot of planning and thought through every possible scenario to ensure that in the moment, I’d be free to play and have fun," explains João. "We had to scout quickly; we went all over the island and at the last minute rented an old car. I’m always searching for locations that have a nice color palate… the wall on a gas station, the vegetation with the sea, I think through how they’ll pair with the props and clothing. I always search for color palette and put together a narrative quickly. We had some snags, but we made it work!”

Fast Facts

• 3 shoots in three separate locations: New Mexico, New York, and Mallorca

• minimal crew: 1 tech and 1 assistant, plus a local production team 

• on his busiest shoot day, João shot around 700 images

• result was 100+ unique photographs for Away’s image library