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Jessica Pettway, Jon Gourlay

Mooni Golf is a futurist video directed by Jessica Pettway and shot by Jon Gourlay, based on a mini mini golf course. 

Jessica takes us through her process. “We created all of the prop and hole options ahead of time and shot Mooni Golf in just one day in studio. The scale of the holes was quite small, so we filmed it in a way that would make it seem more expansive and truer to a playable mini golf course. Similar to an 'IRL' installation of the game, the number of holes and length of each hole was scalable to the space. I can’t wait to create a course larger than our mini-mini course!”

Set building

"I started collecting some of the accessories, clothes, and base pieces for the mini golf course months before shooting. I brought the mini golf pieces to our set designer in October, 2022, and they started playing with the pieces and creating other props from leftover materials in their studio. I showed our wardrobe stylist the accessories I had and the vibe I was going for and she pulled a bunch of awesome shoes and accessories to compliment the looks and bring it all together. I like being able to spend extended amounts of time collecting references, props, clothing, and accessories to build out with the rest of the team."


"I LOVE the film Vamp! It's a 1986 American comedy horror film directed by Richard Wenk, starring Grace Jones and Chris Makepeace. My lighting, colors and styling were heavily influenced by this film."

Storyboard sketches

"I’ve always loved Space Jam and this scene is burned into my head. I wanted to do a chic space futuristic update on it."