Uber called on RJ to create his third brand library for the company that showcases authentic imagery of restaurants in action with an emphasis on what makes their merchant partners unique.

RJ led a small crew, limited to 2-3 people on location, throughout Los Angeles immersing themselves seamlessly in cafes, markets and restaurants. The images evoke the ease at which RJ photographed each merchant and environment. 

The images have been used widely across Uber’s website, email, and social media.

Fast Facts

• RJ's third brand library for Uber

• documentary approach: real restaurant and store workers cast as models

• nimble crew limited to 2-3 people

• digital deliverables used by client across web, email, and social media

It was important to Uber to “evoke a sense of movement, to capture the moments between beginnings and endings, ideas and realizations, befores and afters.” They continue, “Our images feature a dynamic narrative that has already begun and continues to go on, enabling our viewers to fill in the story themselves according to their own experiences, needs, and desires.”