When White Claw’s goal was to “capture the vibe of living completely in the moment” the brand knew who to call. RJ, always great with an atmosphere that is fluid and a master at fostering natural settings on set, created a vibrant global asset bank of imagery that can be used throughout different seasons and markets. 

Over the course of five days in Los Angeles and with 20 models, RJ photographed three scenarios—a home, a bar, and urban locations—with an emphasis on lifestyle moments rather than product shots.

White Claw’s direction was clear: “The images we capture should be raw, real, lively and feel candid/have a sense of energy, motion and emotion, so the product will exist as a prop to help with the storytelling of the lifestyle scene.”

Prior to the shoot, RJ collaborated with the brand to determine talent per shot and defining moments in the shot list: dancing in the kitchen, running through the ocean, and riding bikes.

Fast Facts

• global asset bank of imagery

• 5 days of shooting throughout Los Angeles

• multiple production moves

• 20 models