As part of their ‘Play Your Way’ campaign, Doritos partnered with Katy to create social videos aimed at Gen Z.

“Doritos let me run wild on this campaign and gave me full creative freedom. Plus, they loved the two concepts I pitched so much that they increased my budget so I could create a third video which focused on turning an everyday item or moment into something extraordinary—which birthed the dune surfing concept,” says Katy.

“Trying to ride a chunky piece of fiber glass down a steep, 30-foot sand dune was a gamble. I was worried the board would sink or simply not pick up speed. Knowing that this was a particularly important part for the advert, I came prepared with bars of beeswax. Thankfully, that worked like magic and sent me gliding through the dunes like butter.”

Katy’s final takeaway? “I ate A LOT of Doritos.”

Click any preview below to watch the full brand collabs.