Katy has built quite a celebrity roster, which now includes the multi-talented Alicia Keys. Produced by ad agency Westbrook to promote Alicia’s album, Katy spent a full day with her as well as a second day with fellow musician Jason Derulo at a home in the Hollywood Hills. “There was constant joking and witty banter; I was holding back laughter all day,” says Katy. “It was one of the most fun shoots I’ve ever had.”

After pitching her concepts to Alicia and her team, Katy directed, shot, and edited the final videos, which racked up millions of views on Alicia’s Instagram.

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Fun fact: Katy and Alicia were immediately in sync. Katy explains: “I’m not one to wear shoes. I’m a beach baby, having grown up in Orange County, and it’s no secret that I prefer to do everything barefoot (including skateboarding). I’m used to celebrities being dolled up for press shoots—made up and dressed to the nines. So, it cracked me up when I saw Alicia roll in with her team barefoot. I think we shot half the concepts that way; she’s an incredibly down-to-earth human.”