On the inaugural weekend of the “When We Were Young” festival, Katy was tasked with creating 3 festival videos, 1 sponsor video, and 2 general fest videos—all shot, edited, and delivered to the client at the end of the festival, before the last act took a bow.

“This was really the birth of the festival’s branding,” says Katy. “The goal was to promote and capture the festival in real time, as well as to create content that can be used after the festival to drive ticket sales, new attendees, and stir up a little FOMO."

The first day of the Las Vegas-based festival was canceled due to heavy winds. Katy recalls that “an apocalyptic cloud of dust reigned over Sin City with an orangey haze, and the Vegas Strip was lined with hundreds of (now extra emo) emo kids sulking along the streets in their middle-school band tees.”

The shoot ended up being only one day in total. Katy quickly pivoted capturing and delivering final content that shared the explosive energy of the fest in 12 hours as opposed to an entire weekend.

Keeping an eye out for charismatic, diverse and approachable people, Katy captured noteworthy moments and created FOMO-inducing branding for the festival.