Honda called on Katy as one of four creators chosen worldwide to concept, execute, direct, and post-produce videos as part of their “Drive Your Fun” campaign to launch the 2022 Honda Civic. One of her four videos went viral on TikTok, amassing 9.7M views.

With full creative control, Katy gained inspiration from her roots and the so-called “California Trifecta”—surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding/skiing in the same day. Katy shot in four locations: on the mountain roads of Tujunca, in a parking lot in Newport Beach, on a rooftop in Los Angeles, and in the desert over three days.

“I shot a lot of burst photo sequences to create different effects ranging from time-lapses to photo sequences that have a unique, stylized stop-motion look to them as opposed to a traditional video clip,” explains Katy. “The entire ‘hand play’ video (number 3 below) is stop-motion and comprised of over 1,000 photos. The motion collage (number 1 below) consists of 15 individual videos stitched into one animated collage with additional photo and mixed-media elements incorporated.”

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