“Alix of Bohemia is a fashion label based in New York started by friends of mine,” explains João. “Funnily enough, we approached each other at the same time with the idea of shooting a story centered on the artisans and people involved in producing the garments. After months of pre-production, we flew to Jaipur in the Rajasthan region of India and shot videos and still images for two weeks."

"Photographing the artisans was an inspiring and eye-opening experience! Every garment is expertly and lovingly hand made. Many of the methods, like block printing, are dangerously close to becoming extinct, but still thrive in India.

I shot on film to mimic and complement the slow, hand-crafted method the artisans used. It’s my attempt to create images that last—shooting film captures moments in a less disposable, more decisive way."

"Once we arrived, the project continued to evolve, and we decided to complement the documentary with a fashion story. We cast local models and came up with a story of two old friends that reunite in Jaipur after many years apart. We picked locations that had a mix of grit, color, and a distinct and monumental look.”