We are beyond excited to welcome photographer Caroline Tompkins to Giant. “I always show up interested,” says Caroline, who is known for portraits, fashion, and lifestyle imagery that feels casual and honest but is undeniably, almost stealthily, artful. Not only does her curiosity inspire her subjects to trust her, sparking a creative collaboration that brings out the best in her and them, it has also led her viewers down interesting paths. When Caroline, herself an avid swimmer, came across a TikTok of cold-water swimmers in Northern California (primarily female and over the age of 50), she successfully pitched a photo story on them to Outside magazine. “It’s important to see images of older women, with different body types, using technical gear and being represented as athletes,” she notes. 

A mushroom festival in Colorado, the U.S. Open for Vogue, truffle hunters in West Virginia, the Kodak factory in Rochester, New York, offbeat dating scenarios for Hinge (she helped brainstorm ideas for the campaign, drawing on her own experiences), Parker Posey flashing her inimitable style at her New York apartment… Through her camera, Caroline takes us along with her into countless worlds, and while there’s always a strong point of view, there’s never judgment. She invites us to be open.

Her work has been exhibited in group and solo exhibitions in the US and Europe, and her recently published book Bedfellow, which photographically interrogates the role of danger and pleasure in sex, has been featured in Aperture, The British Journal of Photography, and i-D, among many other publications. She is based in New York City.


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