Marcus helmed’s open enrollment campaign through Weber Shandwick, which features six real families in five different US cities. In a rebranding effort for the government health agency, Marcus was tasked with helping to get the word out that insurance can be affordable to the average person.

“It was nice to work with real people in their real homes and neighborhoods,” says Marcus. “It was a bit different than what I’m used to, but it felt good to create images that the talent would be proud of and to get their real stories out.”

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Fast Facts

• six real families as talent

• five unique locations

• shot over three weeks

• 20-30 images delivered per day

• directed a 30-second video spot for each talent

Across a span of three weeks, Marcus traveled with a DP, tech, producer, an assistant and picked up three local assists in each city. He delivered 20-30 shots per subject and directed 30-second spots for each person, which included a mix of lifestyle, interviews, and script reading.