We are beyond excited to welcome cinematographer Corey Rood to Giant. Corey is a cinematic shapeshifter who moves fluidly among genres, from branded content to sports & fitness, food & beverage, and celebrity-based projects. He can deliver the intensity of a pro cyclist on a solo night ride (for bike brand Specialized), the gritty concrete-jungle vibes of skateboarders hitting the pavement in stylish streetwear (Adidas), the leafy thrill of a forest run (for outdoor brand Columbia), and Kim Kardashian looking immaculate and glamorous in the kitchen (for Beyond Meat). You name it, Corey can deliver.

He begins each project with a thorough study of the director’s treatment, brainstorming ideas for how to bring their vision to life. His pre-production process includes making his own storyboards that reference how his camera will move. He establishes his intentions for the lighting and lensing. Everyone can see ahead of time what the film will feel like; everyone knows their role in making it happen. The production is set up for success. He’s just as mindful about finishing, achieving as much as possible in camera and then working closely with the colorist in post.

Though he’s not defined by any one project, he does have a distinct point of view. When Corey shoots, the camera is always moving; there’s always a dynamic idea. He wants viewers to forget the camera is there and get swept up in what’s unfolding before their eyes. For his latest personal project, he’ll be taking audiences through a fictional house party in Portland, his part-time home base (the other being Los Angeles). In “We Are a House Show,” his camera travels through a three-story home where different bands are playing for rapt audiences of locals from the Portland scene. “There’s no big dialogue or hero character,” he explains. “It’s a visual exploration, like some long lost documentary that’s just been rediscovered.”

See his work here.