Photographer, director, and creative director Jonpaul Douglass provides 360-degree content creation in his signature style: clever, impeccably designed, and neatly balanced on the line between sophisticated and approachable. He strips his storytelling down to the essential elements and in doing so elevates everything that remains in the frame. The result is work that’s rigorously executed yet effortlessly engaging. “I like when there’s a special quality that’s almost magical and makes you wonder,” he says. Color-obsessed, connected to pop culture but not governed by it, and naturally optimistic in his outlook (and in person), Jonpaul is a go-to collaborator for brands ranging from Google, Apple, and United Airlines to Skittles, Chili’s, Petco, Kraft, and Postmates.

His work has been featured by Communication Arts, Time, It’s Nice That, and Majestic Journal and exhibited in New York City and Los Angeles. In 2022, he led a workshop at the Apple store in Santa Monica on the power of the edit, using his creative vision to inspire a rapt audience. Originally from Florida, Jonpaul calls sunny Los Angeles home.


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