Free Play

"Free Play" follows Jonpaul Douglass everywhere and nowhere as he lets each colorful moment inform the next, reminding us all to stop and smell the Los Angeles. “For me, 'Free Play' is a creative process about starting from nothing and being open to anything that pulls your attention, and then playing on that. The main reason I love photography is because the simple practice of capturing images is so enjoyable. Getting into that state of mind that is pure seeing, and pure feeling—there is nothing quite like it. These images are about that feeling: the joy of capturing a piece of a mysterious and never-ending cosmic puzzle. While in many ways this work is a love letter to Los Angeles, it’s also a love letter to the practice of photography in general.”

"Free Play" was exhibited at Maison Kitsuné in Los Angeles and NYC, events that featured prints and stickers for sale, as well as a "Free Play" zine designed by Jonpaul.

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